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All reports published by East End Quality of Life Initiative can be found on this page. All files are in pdf format.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. 
Newly updated air quality and health trends for Darnall and Tinsley with a summary of the health effects of air pollution July 2010
Graphs only of air quality and health trends for Darnall and Tinsley July 2010
Community Assembly East (Arbourthorne, Darnall, Manor Castle and Richmond Wards) - health effects of inequalities and air pollution, air quality, some health trends, and Sheffield Neighbourhoods Information System (SNIS). April 2009
Updated community air quality and health trends with a summary of the health effects of air pollution, for the following areas:
Community air pollution monitoring measuring nitrogen dioxide using diffusion tubes, August 2007, joint report by Andrew Elleker, Sheffield City Council Environmental Strategy, and Neil Parry and Barbara Rimmington, EEQOL
Tinsley Neighbourhood Quality of Life Trends 2000-2007 (September 2007) illustrates in graph form responses from Tinsley residents about quality of life issues in the area over the period.
Using Sheffield PCT's Interactive Health Atlas, neighbourhood health trends have been collated and compared to Sheffield overall in graph form.  The following clusters can be downloaded here:
Tinsley Forum co-ordinated a survey of quality of life and employment issues during 2006-07.  The questionnaire was developed by a number of organisations working in the area.  It covered a wide range of issues, with different parts of the questionnaire aimed at different age- or interest groups within Tinsley.  Overall, 253 people took part.  Reports available for download - full report of overall responses, report for Tinsley Sure Start (families with children aged 0-5), report for families with older children (aged 12 and over), report for older people, and executive summaries of all the reports.
Research and evaluation for community and voluntary sector groups in Sheffield, April 2007
Darnall learning and employment survey, October 2006
Citizen Science - local air quality; local action an article about community air quality monitoring by Neil Parry and Barbara Rimmington, published in Chemical Hazards and Poisons Report, September 2103
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Air Quality, Noise and Health since March 2013, we have published monthly updates of research into the health impacts of air quality and noise. You can view past copies here:
Air pollution and noise - their effects on human health and social inclusion: a review of recent literature, revised January 2006 (Executive Summary and Full Report)
Tinsley Forum/Tinsley One Stop Shop Survey, October 2005, looking at participation in courses and training
A survey of employers in the S9 postcode area was carried out  in 2005.  This was a joint project undertaken with Sheffield City Council's Darnall Area Panel and Adult & Community Learning Unit.
Understanding local neighbourhoods using community researchers, February 2005
Selected data from the 2001 Census have been collated into booklets based on geographical area:
Jobs and Training: a summary of surveys carried out in the Darnall Action Area, Sheffield, November 2004
Gambling, health and economic regeneration: a literature review, October 2004
Building on data collected since 1997, EEQOL has been developing Quality of Life Indicators (see Developing Locally Agreed Quality of Life Indicators: the example of the Darnall Action Area, Sheffield). 

Monitoring trends in Quality of Life Indicators

The data was collected in the following surveys:


Green Spaces and Health Newsletter

An occasional update on research into the health effects of access to green spaces and exercise. You can subscribe to receive updates automatically and you can view past copies here: 

Review of Social Determinants and the Health Divide in the WHO European Region The WHO Regional Office for Europe commissioned this review of social determinants of health and the health divide to identify actions needed to address health inequities within and between countries across the 53 Member States of the European Region. The  conclusions and recommendations of the review informed the development of Health 2020,  the new European policy framework for health and well-being along with a companion study on governance for health in the 21st century. Read reports and executive summaries

Air Quality in Lewisham: a guide for Public Health professionals published by Greater London Authority, Nov 2012, full report (45pp)
Neighbourhood Resilience in Sheffield:
Getting By in Hard Times
by Deborah Platts-Fowler & David Robinson, published by Sheffield Hallam University Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, 2013, full report (33pp)

An evaluation of the Sheffield Air Quality Management Area scheme: Can it work and does Sheffield: City on the Move, really care? Barry Francis, a student at Sheffield Hallam University, has kindly made available his dissertation to a wider audience via our website. You can read the full report (80 pages) or the abstract here.

Neighbourhood Health Profiles 2012 produced by NHS Sheffield can be downloaded from the Sheffield City Council website.

As part of Sheffield Health's release of the Director of Public Health's 2011 report they updated their suite of ward indicator tools which include:-

1. Ward Profile Tool.

2. Ward Atlases.

3. Ward Health Indicator Trend Tool.

4. Ward Population Trend Tool .

These are all publically available via

the Sheffield City Council website.

A survey of tenants and residents, mainly in the Staniforth Road/Kashmir Gardens/Kettlebridge area of Darnall was undertaken during July-October 2003 on behalf of the Darnall CTE project, a group of 6 social landlords.   Both the summary and the full report are available here.
There have been a number of studies published during 2001-02 regarding children's health and the environment, asthma in children, health impact assessment of air pollution, and the effects of noise on health.   These are summarised in a report Recently published research on health and environment.
Developing Locally Agreed Quality of Life Indicators: the example of the Darnall Action Area, Sheffield reflects on the process of developing quality of life indicators (January 2003)
Based on DETR's Local Quality of Life counts: a handbook, the East End Quality of Life Initiative investigated the availability of baseline data for the government's suggested indicators.   These can be found in Quality of Life Indicators: summary of data available for the Darnall Action Area (December 2001)
Quality of Life Indicators: survey of the Darnall Action Area October-November 2001 gives the results of a survey of local residents.  They were asked what they felt should be measured to show how quality of life in the area was changing.  A summary is available (91KB pdf file) as well as the full report.
Health Impact Assessment of the Rotherham Sheffield Motorway Corridor Planning Study (January 2001).  EEQOL looked at the possible health impacts of a study commissioned jointly by Rotherham and Sheffield planning authorities to devise an investment strategy for one of the three Strategic Economic Zones within South Yorkshire's Objective One programme.
The Darnall Environment and Health Audit (2001) was produced jointly by Sheffield Health and Sheffield City Council's Environmental Protection Service in response to community concerns regarding the state of the local environment and its affect on health.  A summary is available (171KB pdf file) as well as the full report.
In order to find out local residents' views on proposals to regenerate the area as part of a Strategic Economic Zone within South Yorkshire’s Objective One programme, the East End Quality of Life Initiative carried out a postal survey in the Darnall Action Area (Darnall, Handsworth and Tinsley.   The summary report, published in February 2001, is available here.
Darnall Community Research (August 2000) details the results of one-to-one interviews with local residents.  Using local community researchers, the survey aimed to discover what environmental issues were of concern to local people, and how they affected their health and quality of life.